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Aristic Matter

Artistic Matter

New section at Art Rotterdam 2024: Artistic Matter, made possible by Lakeside Capital Partners and presented by the Weisbard Galerie Foundation and Annemarie Fine Art. Artistic Matter got a place of honor at Art Rotterdam 2024. When entering the main hall of the old Tobacco Factory you could walk straight into it. What matters in this section is a unique use of materials. Most artists work with materials such as oil on linen, watercolor on paper, bronze, wood or marble. At the same time, more and more artists are opting for innovative techniques and unusual materials. Artistic Matter puts these artists in the spotlight.

This time it is the Slovak-Rotterdam artist Tomáš Libertíny. He introduces complex frameworks and constructions into a beehive. He patiently guides the bees in the construction process, creating a delicate connection between people and nature. The effect is a special, stylized shape in beeswax.

In collaboration with artist Tomáš Libertíny, Lakeside Bee Farm was built on the estate of the headquarters of Lakeside Capital Partners in Rotterdam - Overschie. The long-standing relationship between the artist, Tomáš Libertíny and the Managing Partner of Lakeside Capital Partners, Ali Keles, created a fertile basis for this long-term collaboration. His work is in the collections of MoMA, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, MAD / Palais de Louvre, AkzoNobel Art Foundation and Lakeside Collection, among others.

Tomáš Libertiny | made possible by Lakeside Capital Partners | presented by the Weisbard Galerie Foundation and Annemarie Fine Art

RTL Nieuws television report on Artistic Matter at Art Rotterdam January 31st 2024

Publication De Volkskrant January 31st 2024

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