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Lakeside Collection Award

Lakeside Collection Award 2021

Marloes Roeper (graduate of HKU, Utrecht) has been awarded the first Lakeside Collection Award. The selection was amongst 26 talented artists selected for the Best of Graduates 2021 by the Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation. The other two nominees were Esmee van Zeeventer and Tian Teng.

Motivation by the jury (Erik Paol, Tomáš Libertíny and Ali Keles) of Lakeside Collection Award 2021:

“The jury has great admiration for all students who were hindered by COVID19 in their interaction with others during their last two years of study. But the results were astonishing. We saw a level in three candidates that touched us unanimously and therefor nominated for the Lakeside Collection Award. That was the case with the paintings by Tian Teng and Marloes Roeper and with the photos by Esmee van Zeeventer. After a long neck-and-neck race with Esmee van Zeeventer, the jury chose Marloes Roeper.

Marloes Roeper knows how to achieve maximum effects with minimal resources. Her quick brushstrokes and her color schemes show bravado and have a direct effect on the senses. It mysteriously stimulates the sense of space. Marloes can make the world seem simple in an instant and you hardly know how she succeeds. But the joy in painting is clearly visible and contagious.

We therefore believe that a graduate with the daring and open-mindedness of Marloes Roeper holds a promise for the future. By awarding the Lakeside Collection Award, the jury wants to challenge her to show more. We hope with the Award to support her further professionalisation and to offer her a success factor that she deserves at this point in her career.

Concerning co-nominated Esmee van Zeeventer, the Lakeside Collection had decided to include one of her works in the collection.”

Marloes Roeper
Photo: Marloes Roeper (1998), ‘Portret van twee bomen’ 2022 art work, oil on canvas wood, winner of the Lakeside Collection Award 2021, painted during the artist-in-residence in Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen, has become part of the Lakeside Collection.
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