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Bust Chair Conversations

Bust Chair Conversations

Lakeside Collection together with Keles Foundation collaborated with the artist Tomáš Libertíny on the project Bust Chair Conversations.

The Bust Chair Conversations is both a series of 12 interviews in which the artist Tomáš Libertíny speaks with a group of people from the Dutch cultural sector about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and a public art project as a permanent installation of 12 Bust Chairs.

The recent social quarantine and national lock-downs of many companies and institutions had forced people into their homes, confronted with new conditions and re-thinking the future. The aim of this project was to confront this situation and the aftermath with bravery and hope.

The Conversations were not conducted online, but face-to- face with people from various sectors of cultural economy. The setting was in an open air at "Villa Lakeside", part of the estate of Lakeside Capital Partners' head office, surrounded by nature in a contemplative atmosphere as well as a large industrial space, Loods 6.

One of the interviewees: Sjarel Ex, Director Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

For more information and to watch all interviews:

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