A modern and contemporary art collection.

Lakeside Collection

Belief in art as uplifting. It is empowering and makes the world a better place.

A modern and contemporary art collection with local presence exhibited at “Villa Lakeside” and affiliated locations.
Diversity and inclusion are valuable sources of inspiration for the Collection which consists of over 70 artworks created by local and international artists, from 1946 until the present.
Lakeside Collection believes in the power of art and conveys inspiration to its visitors. Many different art forms are exhibited, ranging from video art, sculptures, paintings, filmography, photography, to print.

In 2019 Lakeside Collection became an official member of the Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections.

Our connection with Art

Society has always been connected to art throughout history. Art is the reflection of social awareness and conscience. It expresses the ideas, feelings, and concepts that we all encounter. A motivation of the collection is gained from the overthinking of existential questions and pursuit to find answers where art is a source of inspiration. The purpose of the collection is to open a door for society, promoting self-growth enlightenment and a new perspective to the boundless world of arts and culture.

Growing Artists

Being aware that art has a unique power of gathering and connecting society, Lakeside Collection aims to understand the present and think about the future. We tend to support the growing artists who represent the art of today and tomorrow, and believe that art has a particular position in expressing current and upcoming trends.

Public Awareness

Lakeside Collection emphasizes that art should be accessible to all members of society. Strengthening the connection between art and society raises questions, involves critical thinking, and induces development. Art raises awareness about our surroundings. We acknowledge that art cannot be owned, it can only be preserved for future generations.

Geographic Focus

In the global landscape of art, getting back to the roots creates distinctive importance. Focusing on the local artists helps individuals to observe the artistic features in themselves. With a contemporary mindset and global awareness, Lakeside Collection is highly focused on the local, modern and contemporary artworks. Thus, Lakeside Collection includes artworks from both international and Dutch artists.

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