A modern and contemporary art collection.


Tatiana (butterfly)


Hans Op de Beeck
Polyester, polyamide copper coating and wood
90 x 70 x 18.5 cm

In his latest sculpture series, Op De Beeck references the Cabinet of Curiosities (also known as Wunderkammer) - a cabinet filled with a wide range of curiosities. The life-sized sculptures of men, women, and children are depicted in a matte, soft gray material. Each figure, in a different pose, has their eyes closed, giving a calming aura. The artist captures the characters in a casual moment, may it be catching a butterfly, blowing a bubble, finishing a glass of water, or smoking a cigarette. The capture of a character frozen in the act refers to Pompeii, where people were forever stoned in the spur of the moment. The smallest, most banal objects are viewed as something wonderful.

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