A modern and contemporary art collection.


Sunset at Pinilok No. 3


Jan Kuhlemeier
Acrylic on linen
40 x 30 cm

“Sunset at Pinilok No.3” is part of Kuhlemeier’s series exploring the nature
of Indonesia. Having won the John & Marine van Vlissingen Art Foundation
Prize in 2023, he dedicated part of the prize to a trip to the Mentawai
Islands. The intensity and diversity of the sunsets have become the core
inspiration for the series. Kuhlemeier’s career-long exploration of color
nuances manifests itself in the painting with a multifaceted, complex
technique of applying pigment in layers. By sharing and capturing
intimate memories through light-centered details, the artist invites the
audience to dwell on things for longer, allowing for appreciation and
comprehension to take place.

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