A modern and contemporary art collection.


Scorching Day


Satijn Panyigay
Inkjet print on fine art paper
160 x 107 cm

‘Scorching Day’ is part of the series Melankólia Panyigay made in Hungary, where her family originally comes from. During the exploration of her roots, the artist fell in love with the country, its drabness and gloom, and discovered that it must be the origin of her melancholic nature. The series captures the palpable atmosphere of the places and the sense of tranquillity and loneliness the artist felt at the time. ‘Scorching Day’ illustrates a seemingly impersonal subject matter of a street, and turns it intimate by catching the overwhelming silence and emptiness in the setting. Panyigay translates her heavy vision of the ordinary with acceptance to her work. The admittance of sunlight, the creation of subtle hope gives a positive aftertaste to the viewer.

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