A modern and contemporary art collection.


Partition #5


Caja Boogers
Oil and paste on linen
200 x 120 cm

Part of the ‘Partition’ series, this diptych is a masterful example of Booger’s artistic take on mimesis. Installed close together, the canvases suggest the opening of a metallic elevator door. The intricate line between photographic and abstraction, Partition is direct, yet allowing the viewer space for interpretation. Monotonous at distance, the canvases obtain character, details, scratches at a closer look. Reminiscent of the scratches one might mischievously leave on the elevator doors, or the playful reflection of light on the metallic surface, the painting depicts the slightest motifs of the subject matter. Selected for the Best of Graduates 2023 show in Ron Mandos Gallery, the series won the Lakeside Collection Award 2023.

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