A modern and contemporary art collection.


Liminal Land


Satijn Panyigay
Inkjet print on fine art paper
120 x 90 cm

Liminal Land is a series that captures the depot of the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum just before the collection moved there. The brief moment of emptiness right after the completion of construction presents the space in its raw form, waiting to be filled with more than 151,000 works of art. Panyigay presents the industrial building made of concrete, mirrors, and glass, as vulnerable in its bareness. Referring to the aesthetics of the liminal spaces, that are in transition between two locations, the artist highlights the space as recognizable but alienating and eerie when vacant. The ‘Liminal Land 02’ captures Lakeside Collection’s private compartment right before it became home to the collection’s artworks.

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