A modern and contemporary art collection.




Mimmo Paladino
Two linocuts
188 x 58 (both) cm

The diptych, being part of the Atlantico series, is typical of Mimmo Paladino’s artistic originality - it references antique artistic traditions, and iconography, with a unique, modernist interpretation. He draws inspiration from both modern and ancient, Egyptian, tribal, and classical to depict a primitive male form. This style is known as Italian Transavanguardia, a version of Neo-expressionism led by Paladino in the 1970s. Transavanguardia marks a return to figurative art, symbolism, and mystic imagery in response to the rise of conceptual art. Indeed, in these artworks, Paladino deconstructs his style and symbols into a sequence of dream-like scenes. The dark elegance and sophistication in its simplicity define the Atlantico artworks. Other works from the series can be found in prestigious institutes, such as TATE and MoMA.

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