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Tomáš Libertíny

Tomáš Libertíny is an artist of Slovakian origin, who resides and works in The Netherlands. He studied design and engineering in Slovakia and later on he decided to focus on his art career. In 2006 he obtained his MFA in the Design Academy Eindhoven. The artist has been fascinated with the beauty of nature, the connection between humans and nature. His main source of inspiration is the relationship between man and nature. He tends to experiment with his style. His project Made by Bees confirms his eagerness to explore beyond the conventional. His series of Vessels; The Honeycomb vase, and more were created as a collaboration between bees and humans, by allowing sculptures that were designed by the hands of a man to be built by swarms of bees. The artist has had exhibitions in the Netherlands and worldwide, and his works can be seen in the MoMA collection in NYC, in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, MUDAC, Lausanne, and others.
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