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Thomas Trum

Thomas Trum is a Dutch artist born in Rosmalen in 1989. He is known for his large-scale visual works and use of unconventional tools in the painting process, such as giant homemade felt-tip pens or agricultural machinery. He works within a self-imposed, restricted framework that exclusively focuses on line and colour. Particularly fascinated with the idea of leaving behind traces, the artist creates rhythmic and dynamic patterns. The extensive preparations contrast with the execution of the final work, which sometimes only takes a couple of minutes. A hangover from his graffiti scene, Thomas incorporates the architecture of the exhibition spaces into the work, producing murals on the museum walls. A stark example is a temporary mural created for Het Noord-Brabant Museum in 2018. His work is exhibited and represented by numerous key galleries such as Gallery Gerhard Hofland in Amsterdam, Galerie Conrads in Berlin, and The Hole in NYC.
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