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Marjan Teeuwen

Marjan Teeuwen is a Dutch artist born in Venlo in 1953. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg and the Academy of Fine Arts in Breda. She is best known for her architectural installations. In her work, she explores themes related to (re-)construction, loss and memory. Her artistic process begins with the exploration of demolished buildings across different countries. She breaks down the homes, and later reconstructs the inside using the fragments of debris from the walls, ceilings, and floors. Such a process transforms the chaos of ruins into a monochromatic, poetic order. Her works reflect on the impact of time, inviting the viewer to reflect on man-made creations. Her installations span across the world: from Kyoto, Rotterdam, and Krasnoyarsk in Russia, to Gaza in Palestine, highlighting the social forces that broke the buildings. Her works have been widely exhibited across the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, and France.
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