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Loris Cecchini

Loris Cecchini was born in Italy in 1969, and currently lives and works in Milan. He is one of the most prominent Italian artists on the contemporary international stage. Cecchini is best known for his nature-centered modus operandi. Often based on scientific observations, his work explores the intimate structures of nature: the organization of the movement of liquids, the shapes of leaves, structures of seeds. The artist also adds an emotional fundamental to his work by studying the relationship between aesthetics and science. His work is a balance of inspiration and emotion, analog and technology, nature and artificiality. Cecchini has participated in numerous international exhibitions such as the 56th, 51st, and 49th Venice Biennale, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, MoMA in New York, Shanghai Duolun MoMA, and Centro Galego de Arte Contemporânea in Santiago de Compostela.
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