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Lieven Hendriks

Lieven Hendriks is a Dutch artist born in 1970. He attended HKU in Utrecht and was a resident at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. He is best known for his play with everyday objects and the viewer’s perception of reality. He deceives the viewer with his trompe l’oeil effect by depicting subject matter such as nails in walls, stars cut out of paper, and finger drawings on foggy windows. Such hyperreal illusion stirs the viewer’s mind, bringing up questions on the boundary between reality and figuration. The depiction of everyday objects invites the viewer to reconsider one’s perception of, at first glance, the banal sceneries of daily life. Hendriks has been actively exhibiting across the Netherlands, with his works residing in numerous permanent collections, such as AKZO Nobel, Rabobank Art Collection, Collection NUA in Japan, and the Council of Skåne in Sweden.
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