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Jurjen de Haan

Jurjen de Haan is a Dutch artist born in the Hague in 1936. He is considered one of the most influential post-war artists of the Netherlands. Like many other representatives of New Realism, he studied at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. Initially focusing on photorealism, he has developed an abstract, multicolored style. His oil paintings depict a naive, childish, fantastical world with free-hand brushstrokes and intense colors. Being a CoBrA contemporary, he uniquely synthesizes the gray of the Hague with a bright color palette. Apart from his artistic career, he pursued interior design, taught at the University of Arts in Arnhem, was a chairman of the Pulchri Studio art society, and sat on the advisory committee of the Stichting Kunst en Bedrijf association in Amsterdam. He won several prizes and organized a myriad of exhibitions before he passed away in 2018.
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