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Diederik Schneemann

Diederik Schneemann is a Belgian designer and artist born in Hasselt in 1979 and raised in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Currently residing in the Netherlands, he takes inspiration from the great Dutch Design Generation from the 90s, effectively balancing his aesthetic concepts with the functionality of his designs. Schneemann engages in a variety of disciplines such as conceptual art and design photography, and installation art. His work ranges from simple, beautifully manufactured serial products such as the Terracotta lamps to unique conceptual projects, such as the Flip Flop table. A recurring trend in his work is creating art from every day, found objects. His designs aim to refer to iconic forms and call upon emotion, triggering sentiments from the viewer. Over the years, his works have been represented by numerous key galleries around Europe, such as the MPV Gallery and Rademakers Gallery in Amsterdam.
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