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Diederik Schneemann

Diederik Schneemann was born in Hasselt, Belgium, and grew up in Maastricht, The Netherlands. After he studied 3D Design at the Academy of Art and Design (AKI) in Enschede he focused on his arts and design career. After his first solo exhibition in 2011, he became an instant success in the art world. Over the years, he was represented by many well-known galleries all around Europe. Diederik Schneemann engages in a variety of disciplines such as conceptual art/design, photography, and installations. His works especially contain references to the movement of the great Dutch Design Generation from the nineties and aim to balance aesthetic concerns of art and functionality of design. The playfulness, iconic references, and sense of humor of his pieces are the most remarkable parts of his unique style. He currently lives and works in the Netherlands.
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