A modern and contemporary art collection.


Sleeping Girl


Hans Op de Beeck
Wood, steel, polyamide, polyester, and coating
144 x 83 x 152 cm

In his recent series, Op De Beeck captures casual, banal moments of daily life in his soft gray, matte sculptures. Sleeping and dreaming are the hermetic states invoked by the artist in his work. Eyes closed and curled up on a sofa, ‘Sleeping Girl’ submits to her dreams, her slumber separating her from the realm of the viewer. The sofa, a classic deep-buttoned Chesterfield, acts like a fortress, enveloping the young girl in its comfortable hold. The work captures a blissful moment of peace and quiet, it offers a meditative aura to its audience. The viewer becomes integrated into the artwork, standing from the position of a parent watching over their child’s sleep.

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